No Shopping: Why am I doing this?!

A couple of friends asked on Facebook recently why I am doing this experiment. An excellent question!

Catering is a seasonal business, and the low season is usually the dead of winter. My winter was accordingly slow. I lost some business due to the snowstorms–events cancelled, tastings rescheduled, and so on. By mid-March, my bank account was looking pretty slim.

Meanwhile, I’m always buying food. I love shopping for food! I even love going to the regular grocery store, seeing what’s on sale, and figuring out how to piece together meals for the week. I’m always buying little things “for later” and squirreling them away in the pantry and freezer. I keep lots of homemade staples on hand: stocks, jams and jellies, bar cookies so I always have a treat to bring a new friend. I have homemade frozen foods that I keep around for emergencies–a big container of turkey chili, 2 servings of stuffed cabbage, etc. I have sausages, ground meats, and chicken parts sitting in the freezer for making easy midweek meals. And I keep buying more!

So, I decided to stop shopping for a month for anything besides produce and dairy foods, figuring that would help the bank account as well as giving us a chance to eat down the larder for a while. It should also help us cut down on food waste. It’s also a challenge, and it’s fun because all challenges are fun.

Would you stop shopping? Why or why not?


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