No Shopping: A Big Shop

I said I’d only buy produce, dairy foods and my son’s bread this month. Still, those are a significant percentage of our grocery budget. I only grow herbs, because I have a black thumb and therefore no designated vegetable garden. And we eat a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, combined with ample milk and yogurt.

I stopped by Costco today and spent an alarming $28.68 on food! I fudged things a little because I bought eggs (which I know I will need for my boy’s birthday cake later this month). I also bought strawberries, peppers, salad greens, a pineapple, and two cartons of milk. Then I went to Weis and bought lactose-free milk, fat-free half-and-half for my coffee, and some yogurt for my husband. That was another $9.28.

In sum, I’ve spent over $50 already this month when I said I’m not shopping, and I haven’t even bought anything for my son’s birthday yet besides the eggs for the cake and buttercream frosting. Harumph.

In other news, the pantry shelves below the baking supplies are looking a little less crammed these days! There’s still way too much food on hand, though. Eating it down day by day.


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