No Shopping: One Week In

It’s been a week since I started my experiment in not shopping. I’ve purchased some produce and dairy products as I stated I would–onions and a rosemary plant at the farmer’s market Saturday, and then some more milk on Sunday (total spent about $14).

I feel like we’ve barely made a dent in things. I did clear out a lot on Friday with our Seder, but things are still fairly packed in the freezers and the pantry. I made a cranberry upside-down cake from Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook Baking: From My Kitchen to Yours. This used up about half of the bag of cranberries in the freezer, and, well, not much else–it’s a single-layer 8″ cake after all. The recipe called for whole milk, but I used skim milk with a spot of cream added since I didn’t want to buy whole milk just for a simple cake.

I pulled out some chicken wings from the freezer that we will eat for dinner tonight or tomorrow night, and I’m thinking about uses for the short ribs in there. There are also tons of odds and ends: homemade tomato paste frozen in ice cube trays, duck demi-glace, shrimp shells, and other stuff that is unlikely to be entirely eliminated over the next few weeks.

My husband said to me two nights ago that he thinks we should do this sort of no-shopping project for a month out of every year! I agreed it sounds like a good idea, but we’ll see if we still feel that way towards the end of the month…


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