No Shopping: An Early Report

It has been a very busy few days around here. I was busy with work on Thursday, and then last night we hosted our family’s Seder for Passover.

The Seder seemed like a good opportunity to use up some of the food I had squirreled away, but that’s a little unfair since I had purchased some things for it in advance. We had a brisket from Danny Rohrer, some matzos I got for free with a coupon at the supermarket, some potatoes that I turned into a kugel, and a few Passover candies and some sparkling grape juice I’d picked up at the Kosher supermarket in Rockville a few weeks ago.

But then I used up some applesauce from the freezer, the matzo meal in the pantry, some parsley that had been hanging around leftover from work, one container of chicken stock from the freezer, the gefilte fish that’s been in the garage fridge for months (unopened until last night), the horseradish similarly languishing in the main fridge, some Pink Lady apples that were getting aged, the last of my pecans, and a can of San Marzano tomatoes. I was pretty pleased by this inventory reduction, although the fridge is completely packed with food that we need to eat now.

We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate a truly outstanding week. We’ll be living off of leftover brisket, matzo ball soup, potato kugel, and applesauce for the next few days.

Today I went to opening day for the Shepherdstown, WV farmer’s market. I bought some onions, having depleted much of my supply with Passover preparations, and I picked up a rosemary plant. (The rosemary is the only herb from last year that didn’t make it through the winter.) This may have been my cheapest trip to the farmer’s market yet (I spent $4.50 total). No sign of ramps, and it’s too early for garlic greens.


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