No Shopping: The Last Shop

I took care of the last shopping trip before my month without food shopping yesterday. I went to Costco and purchased salad greens, strawberries, a 2-pack of “baguettes” (these are pretty good, but they are not nearly long and narrow enough to be true baguettes), milk and frozen blueberries. Later, I went to the regular supermarket, where I picked up apples, bananas, grapes and some more yogurt for my husband.

These shopping trips were mostly predicated by needing some ingredients for work-related tasks. These tasks resulted in my pitching yet more food into the freezer: extra vegetarian stock, and a package of bone-in skin-on chicken breasts that were on sale buy-one get-one-free. (I can’t believe I added food to the freezer right before beginning this project…)

We’re having a bunch of people over tomorrow night for a Passover meal, so the long process of cooking and eating what we have on hand should get a bit of a jump start. I am hopeful that the strawberries will look good enough to be set out with the chocolate matzos I have for dessert that night. I’m attending a get-together on Sunday for which I intend to make a fruity dessert using some sour cherries languishing from last summer in the freezer, possibly extended by some of the blueberries I bought today. (The blueberries are mostly for my oatmeal.) I have other plans…many other plans…for the different foodstuffs we have squirreled away. Stay tuned for more…


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