Sweet New Things

Zoe Tsoukatos of Zoe’s Chocolates just tipped me off that the Pennsylvania chocolaterie will be opening a storefront in Frederick on May 30. “It’s a super tiny place— in between Earthy Elements and Asiana, but a perfect start for us.” Be sure to check out the pomegranate and lemon wall chocolates if you stop by. I assume this means they’re moving out of the tiny counter they were renting from Proof bakery.

My son and I went by the Frederick Farmer’s Market on Baughman’s Lane last Saturday. It’s nice to see the market in full swing. Of course we stopped by the Cakes for Cause booth for a snack while we were around. The most recent information I have is that they’re aiming for a June opening in their storefront. Meanwhile, it’s worth going to the market to check out their scones, cookies, and other treats.

Meanwhile, I’ve had the opportunity to bake a fair amount recently–an activity I thoroughly enjoy but rarely indulge in because I tend to eat whatever I baked. I made an assortment of cupcakes for my son’s birthday, a banana cake with sour cream ganache for a potluck, and then the most unbelievable German chocolate cake ever for my husband’s birthday.

Those cupcakes are nagging at my brain. They tasted great but they were terribly uneven. I used Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recommended recipes for All-Occasion yellow butter and chocolate cakes (she includes adjustments to the recipes if you’re making them as cupcakes). The yellow ones overflowed the pan while the chocolate ones were a little fallen. I think my pan is partly to blame–I have a cheapo nonstick job that has a seam around where each cupcake divot is welded into the frame, which seems to make it impossible to remove a cake cleanly. Is there a better cupcake pan out there I should be trying? What’s been your experience with silicon vs nonstick vs traditional pans? Is heavier better? And then how do I keep them even? Should I use a scooper or something to at least ensure the amt of batter in each cup is the same?

I’ve already had a request for cupcakes for a little girl’s fall birthday, so I better bone up before then. Suggestions welcome.


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