Welcome Back, Spring

I bought ramps for the first time ever today. I’ve eaten them before, but I never had a chance to buy them in the past. I was thinking of pickling some of the roots so they’ll last a little longer in the fridge. Anybody got a good recipe for pickled ramps?

We started tonight by chopping some leaves and pressing them into some steelhead trout. Some dots of local butter and some salt went on top, and then I roasted them on a bed of scallions in the oven. They were most excellent with some local asparagus on the side.

I remember once eating simple sauteed ramps atop grilled bread at the Press Room in Shepherdstown and really enjoying those. This thread on eGullet had some interesting ideas, including throwing them on pizzas or grilling them and throwing them atop a burger.

I also found the first garlic greens of the season at the Shepherdstown farmer’s market last weekend, from Blueberry Hill. I’m probably going to use them to marinate a steak later this week. Some might also show up in my lamb kibbeh that I’m planning to throw atop a salad for dinner in a few days.

By the way, I’m still writing about food–but not everything shows up here or in the Frederick News-Post. You can follow me on Facebook for lots of snapshot culinaria. There’s also a Facebook group for my catering business, Rochelle Myers Catering and Cooking Classes. Hope to see you around the social networks!


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