New Year’s Resolutions

I made some culinary New Year’s Resolutions recently. You can read more about them here in today’s Frederick News-Post.

A few food-related resolutions that were not included in the story:
Taking better care of my health from an eating standpoint. I am always trying to do this, but now more than ever since I recovered from a serious illness.
Remembering to check for things like berries at Costco–healthy food at bargain prices that I often forget to check out
I promised my husband recently that I would ban my coffee-out habit. I can make better coffee cheaper at home, and with the timer on my coffee pot there’s no claiming a lack of time to make a pot in the morning. This is a purely economic move; I estimate I was buying coffee at a gas station or a Starbucks 3-5 times each week, all told.


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