A Passel of Stories

I’ve been very busy working, traveling and otherwise not writing on this blog this month. My apologies to my faithful followers (hi Mom and Dad!).

I did manage to file some stories for the Frederick News-Post, however. For example:

I attended a Victorian Christmas tea at Antietam Ironworks in Sharpsburg, MD. Hilarity ensued, and no I am not kidding. Those ladies knew how to kick it old-school…literally.

As Marcy says, I like to knock buche if I’m not busy knocking boots. Here’s a little story about making your own buche de noel. I am pleased to report that this year’s version was virtually perfect–the cake did not crack at all, and there were no gaps or anything in the interior. It was a perfect, even spiral of cake and buttercream inside when I cut into it. The marzipan decorations were tasty and beautiful too, although the French meringue mushrooms are so sweet that they hurt my teeth.

Then there’s this writeup of inexpensive eats from my recent trip to NYC. This is the first time I have sold a travel story–to the FNP or anybody else for that matter–and I’m pleased with how it came out. I have been saving other stories from my trip to NY that should be rolled out on this here blog over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


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