Alinea: The Cookbook

I’ve been chewing over my copy of the Alinea cookbook for a few months now. I finally got around to putting my thoughts on paper (and in the paper yesterday):

Click here to read it.

This is probably the hardest book report I ever had to write. I didn’t know how to explain what this cookbook is to my audience, which is mostly casual home cooks in the greater Frederick, MD area. Unlike other important cookbooks I’ve covered, I couldn’t really go cook the recipes for my own edification, although I do know somebody who is doing just that. I literally had to think it over for a few months before writing something intelligible on the subject. Even now, I wouldn’t say this is a cookbook for any casually interested home cook; it’s a cookbook for people who are serious about food.

The book is worth investing in–a steal at well under $50 at Amazon.


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