Thanksgiving 2008

For a holiday that’s essentially the same food and the same people every year, my Thanksgivings continue to evolve and change.

I admit to not having a huge amount of energy around the meal this year. I knocked myself out last year (my appetite had just returned after a month of subsisting on liquids), but this year it’s less people and it’s not in my own home. We slashed down the already basic menu further when some relatives had health problems and some other relatives decided to spend the day with them. Here’s what we’re having:

Chopped chicken liver

Roasted turkey
Braised red cabbage
Asparagus, probably simply steamed and buttered
Cranberry sauce

Apple crisp with whipped cream

Like I said, stripped-down. Everything but the gravy and asparagus is already completed. We even have a Kosher turkey breast and some Kosher stuffing for my brother, the only family member who keeps Kosher.

I feel no particular compulsion to try new and different ideas with the holiday meal. This year’s turkey was brined, rubbed with a sage-lemon butter, and then roasted in a pan with some white wine in the bottom. I flipped the bird breast-side-up halfway through, and basted it often with the lovely juices that gathered in the pan. This is my default method of preparing the turkey and I feel no compulsion to experiment with other techniques. (Fried turkey is delicious, but not so much better than a properly roasted turkey that I’m willing to deal with the mess and bother of handling the oil.)

I do enjoy how non-commercial and food-oriented this holiday is. I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and families.


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