Honeycrisp Apple Recipes

A number of people are landing on this blog recently because they’re searching for recipes that use honeycrisp apples. I have to wonder why. Around here, honeycrisps are meant only for eating out-of-hand, and all members of my immediate family will happily put away one or two every day. This is the only way to enjoy these crunchy, sweet apples.

Other apples are superior for cooking. I like tart, hard ones like pink lady or granny smith when sauteing apples for consumption with savory meals (especially good with pork or duck, doubly-so if there is cabbage involved). Mealier ones are good for applesauce, although I usually make my applesauce with a blend of tart and sweet, crunchy and mealy apples. Don’t waste the short honeycrisp season on these recipes, or things like pies and crisps. Enjoy them raw and stock up on other varieties for cooking. Around here, honeycrisps command a premium price, yet another reason why I don’t like to cook them.

The only honeycrisps I cook are those that are turning before we can eat them. These specimens get peeled, diced and cooked lightly in a little butter until softened and browned. A shake of cinnamon is all they need to make a perfect dessert. Sweetener and dairy foods like ice cream are superfluous accents to these apples. However, honeycrisps treated this way are excellent folded into a weekend bowl of organic oatmeal or piled atop a stack of buttermilk pancakes.


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