Moon Cakes at the Mandarin Oriental-DC

Here’s a little story I wrote about moon cakes from the Washington, DC Mandarin-Oriental.

Duck eggs and lotus seed and chocolate, oh my!

It was very illuminating to see the kitchens at the Mandarin Oriental, which I’d never visited before working on this story. The operation is pretty large and complicated, since they serve room service, catering, and functions for two full-service restaurants plus one lounge. (CityZen has its own kitchen separate from the rest of the hotel’s cooking facilities. Unfortunately, Eric Ziebold wasn’t around when we nosed into CityZen, as it was closed for summer holiday. Next time…)

I particularly liked Haebe’s enclosed chocolate room; Haebe makes a zillion exotic chocolates here every day for the Mid-Autumn festival, for turndown service in the rooms, for tea, for petit four service in the restaurants, and for sale to hotel guests. He’s also producing all the breakfast pastries, tea sweets and other assorted patisserie/chocolaterie at the hotel; they don’t buy in anything (which is as I’d expect at a hotel of this caliber). Has anybody had tea there? I’d love to hear what it’s like.


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