Honeycrisp Apples and The Thai PM’s Recipes

Honeycrisp apples are in. (I’ve been buying them since Sept. 1, actually, but I kept forgetting to post here.) I buy mine from the guys at Ridgefield Farm down the road. They sell the good ones at the Shepherdstown market on Sundays. We’re all eating them, especially my little boy who suddenly has no interest in peaches. (Good thing last Sunday was the last of the season for Uvilla Orchards, where I usually buy my peaches and corn.)

In unrelated news, the Thai prime minister, Samak Sundaravej, was forced out recently for working another paid job while holding government office, a violation of the Thai constitution. The other job? Appearing on a cooking show he hosted before becoming PM. I think this is a first in global politics.

The Guardian (UK) linked to two of the PM’s recipes: Pigs Legs in Coca-Cola and Fried Rice. As a devotee of fried rice, nasi goreng, chirashi and other Asian rice dishes, I have to say the ingredients in Samak Sundaravej’s version gave me pause: ketchup? Kale? Cucumbers as garnish? I think it sounds kinda good, and it uses a lot of foods in season right now. Hmmm. As for the pig’s legs, I am wondering if there is a cut off the leg of a pig that’s widely recognized in Thailand that’s smaller than what we Americans think of as a pig’s leg. (Think “whole ham” to get a sense of how big the American cut is.) And how big are those bottles of Coca-Cola, anyway?

The show was called Tasting, Grumbling (or Tasting and Complaining). Apparently, the grumbling and complaining were political rants served up along with the recipes. Sounds a lot like our dinner table some nights…

(Disclaimer: I don’t follow Thai politics, and I don’t have any familiarity with the Thai constitution; I’m just reflecting on what I heard on NPR this morning.)


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