Herb Garden Update

Remember my herb garden? I was secretly hoping you didn’t, because I am a horrible murderer of herbs and other growing things.

I have completely killed my thyme (which sucks, since it’s my favorite herb), and my sage is barely hanging on. HOWEVER, I am pleased to report that the tarragon is doing the same thing it does every day: plan to take over the herb garden. And the rosemary appears to be doing just fine, thankyouverymuch.

I know rosemary is pretty hardy, but what about my tarragon? I may make some vinegar with some of it for holiday gifts, but when do I need to pull it, and should I dry it before infusing it into some vinegar? What to do with a bumper crop of tarragon (besides cram it into a chicken with some lemons and garlic cloves before roasting, which I’m already doing)?


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