Green Peppers

I dislike green peppers. I think their grassy flavor is bitter and overpowering. I love other colored bell peppers, which are usually green peppers allowed to ripen.

Here are the uses of green peppers that I regard as legitimate:
1. They’re essential in Louisiana-style dishes, where they team with celery and onions as the “Holy Trinity” of aromatics.
2. I secretly enjoy Western omelets, even if they’re made with cheap crappy ham, as long as the ham is in chunk form and the green peppers are fresh. (There’s no use for canned or frozen peppers in my world.)

Am I missing something here? My mom chunks them up and throws them in salads (ew). I don’t see the appeal of a stuffed green pepper. If you grow peppers, why would you even bother harvesting them before they turned into a lovely, sweet red pepper?


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