I dig on mussels. They’re easy, quick and tasty. Here’s some more information I wrote about them:

from today’s Frederick News-Post

In the About Me page of LoE, Gigi comments that I forgot to mention straining the liquid I use to cook the mussels before finishing it. I usually don’t strain the liquid because I like to dump a bunch of sliced shallots into the liquid, and if I strain the sauce I lose the cooked shallots. I love slightly crunchy slivers of oniony goodness in my mussels. I usually try to let the cooking liquid settle some and then pour most of it off, leaving just the sediment-y part back in the pan before reducing and finishing. Normal people who don’t add a bunch of veg to the pot can skip this step and strain instead. In any case, you are right, Gigi, there usually is some sediment, and it’s a buzzkill if it lands in your mouth.


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