Is Mark Bittman Married?

This question drives a surprising number of folks to this blog. I don’t really understand why, though. Do ya’ll want to ask him for a date or something?

His website, his Wikipedia entry and the Bitten blog at the New York Times are all mum on his personal life. I have no idea whether or not he has kids, is married or single, is gay or straight or bisexual, or sworn to a vow of celibacy. I know I said I have a crush on him, but I was talking about his career and my admiration thereof, not any actual romantic or sexual interest. He strikes me as an all-around great guy, even if he was a bit wooden with the kid on his set in a recent video on banana paletas. (The kid seemed too overwhelmed/shy to be particularly helpful.)

But is he married? Dunno. Don’t care.

Next thing you know, people will be Googling around asking, “Is Lots of Everything married?” (Yeah, I am.)


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