Sour Cherries FTW!

I posted a query here about a week ago, seeking sources for sour cherries. I did get one friend calling me about a place she’d seen them, and I found some more responses on this thread over on the Don Rockwell site, but none of these options particularly satisfied me. I have a lot going on for the next few days, and I wasn’t sure sour cherry jam was fitting into those plans unless the fruit happened to be wherever I already was going.

I did email my friend Danny at Rohrer’s Meats and ask him if he thought he’d have sour cherries at the Shepherdstown farmer’s market today. He said, “Sour cherries are not yet ready. I will have them later.” Bummer, I’ve bought Danny’s sour cherries before and they were excellent.

So you can imagine my surprise today when I saw a collection of little boxes of sour cherries lined up at Danny’s stand! I swooped down on them, bought 6 quarts, and carted the preciousness home. (Sorry if you got there after I did and wanted those cherries–I did leave one box for one lucky person, and I’m sure there will be more next week.) I’ve already pitted them and am about to Cuiz them in preparation for jamming.

Thanks, Danny! This means we’re gonna have sour cherry jam for the next year, plus extra jars for gift-giving. Sour cherries FTW!


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