Francophile Rodent Action

I’m a huge Francophile. I’ve only been to France once, but I dream of getting paid to go there for a few months to write a book and explore the foodways of the different regions. I don’t know conversational French, but thanks to my training at L’academie de Cuisine I have a reasonable grasp of culinary French. I’m immediately interested in anything that relates to France, even Sarkozy’s exploits with Carla Bruni.

I also love movies. And I’m a huge fan of all the Pixar movies.

Can you see where this is going?

Ratatouille just might be my favorite food-related film, ever. I loved Big Night and Babette’s Feast and all those other food-nerd films, but nothing compares to this confectionery tale of Remy the Rat and his struggle to be accepted as a cook in a top Parisian restaurant. I especially love dour restaurant critic Anton Ego, and the moment he takes a bite of ratatouille makes me tear up every time. Who wouldn’t love to race off on the back of a motorcycle with the alluring Colette? I long to work in a kitchen as magical as Gusteau’s, a place so unabashedly French that it makes me swoon. However, it’s Ratatouille that sets my heart afire as the perfect place to go dine.

My son gets into Ratatouille, too. He asks to watch the “mouse movie,” he sits next to me on the couch to take it in, and he accuses Anton Ego of being “NOT NICE.” It’s the perfect family foodie flick, and I hope it gives him a sense of the magic involved in the world of cooking for me and my comrades.


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