Sparkling Wine for Summer

Oh, who am I kidding? I like sparkling wines year-round. (I wrote a column about sparkling wines in time for New Year’s Eve, but I don’t reserve them for holidays any more than I reserve them for summertime.) There’s something so refreshing about those tiny bubbles in the summertime, though. That crisp and effervescent texture is so delightful when the temperatures soar into the 90s like they did today.

So, I served a bottle of NV Schloss Biebrich Sekt that I read about on another blog at lunch today to a few guests to kick off my summertime sparkling wine consumption. This bottle was bright and fruity and a little sweet, with none of the bready nature that turns me off in a sparkler. It went down great with a chicken salad, homemade challah, and a cornucopia of berries and cherries garnished with vanilla whipped cream. (It was way, way too hot to eat anything vaguely warm.) Nice bottle, everybody enjoyed it. Best of all, it costs about $5!

This was the first bottle of sparkling wine I had purchased that came with a plastic cork. (I’ve had plenty of wines that use artificial corks, but not sparklers.) I kinda liked the cork, actually. It doesn’t mushroom out like a natural cork would, so it might be possible to recork the champagne and enjoy some the next day. This would assume you and your guests don’t drain the bottle at lunch like we did.


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