Anniversary Eats

Anniversaries, along with birthdays, are largely an excuse to eat well. (But then, everyday life is an excuse to eat well when you’re in LoE-land.)

June 3, 2007: We put the baby on the back of a bike and cycled all over Hilton Head Island, stopping for sorbet. Then we indulged in wings and ribs from Sticky Fingers for dinner.

June 3, 2006: Charleston-style crab cake from The Old Fort Pub, also in Hilton Head. We watched the sunset and had a nice view of a nest of baby raccoons living in a tree trunk by the bay.

June 3, 2005: Something with duck demi, but I don’t remember what. Probably a seared duck breast on greens, knowing how much we both love that meal.

June 3, 2004: We ate dinner at Tru in Chicago with a friend. I fondly remember the cart of lollipops and bonbons that was wheeled to our table after we finished eating dinner and dessert. There was also a setee next to my seat just to hold my purse–a very ADNY touch.

I have no record of previous anniversary dinners, but I do know that I made a butter cake with poured ganache glaze for our first anniversary in 2002. It was far superior to the cake we ate at our actual wedding.

We’re having our anniversary dinner later this week, and I know it will be great, but it can’t be nearly as great as our seven years of marriage have been. Love: it’s even more essential than salt to a flavorful life.


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