Another Catering Menu

For a wedding of 85:

In the lobby during toasts:
Cheese tray –reasonably yupscale selections. Crackers and baguette slices alongside.
Vegetables and five-onion dip
A dish of nuts

On the table at dinnertime:
Breads (dense seeded dark, baguette) with butter
Preplated salad of mixed greens with shaved carrot, cucumber and tomatoes, balsamic and creamy garlic dressings

On the buffet:
Navarin of Lamb
Chicken breasts
Lemon-caper sauce or BBQ sauce
Coconut-chickpea Curry
Haricots verts with slivered almonds
Roasted butternut squash with fresh thyme
Caesar salad with anchovies in the dressing

With the cake:
Assorted fruit (berries, pineapple, etc)

Note: The groom was lactose-intolerant, so there was a candy dish with Lactaid pills next to the cheese tray as a sort of an in-joke.


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