Convenience Food Exotica

One of my fantasies is that one day somebody will pay me to go to the Fancy Food Show and write it up. I’ve long been fascinated by exotic snack foods and would love an opportunity to see and taste a bunch of them at once. Plus, well, I’m always fantasizing that I’ll get paid to go to NY and cover culinaria up there. I love NY, it’s such a great dining town.

As a child, I read about chocolate-covered potato chips in my local newspaper, and for years they seemed the ne plus ultra of convenience foods. They’ve got chocolate…and potato chips…all in one crunchy creamy bite! Way cooler than the chocolate-covered ants I remember reading about during my youth. These two snacks strike me as ultimately 1980s yuppie treats. Only chocolate-covered caviar would have been more apropos.

Years later I moved to DC, and on one 1997 shopping trip to the Friendship Heights neighborhood I wandered into Neiman Marcus to ogle the merchandise. Right there, on a glass etagere near the entrance, was a fetching display of chocolate-covered potato chips! They were outrageously expensive and I couldn’t afford them given my secretary’s salary and my insistence on living in Dupont Circle. I haven’t seen them since, though I haven’t exactly gone looking for them, so I still haven’t sampled these bygone delicacies. (No chocolate-covered ants have made it into my gullet, either.)


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