Lots of Local Everything

I’ve spent the past three days engaged in exploring food in the Frederick, MD area.

I spent Thursday night talking with some area food bloggers. This was the first time I tried to get such a group together and I was pleasantly surprised at how well everybody clicked. I’m doing a story based on this gathering of area food minds and will get a link up once it runs.

Yesterday, while working on a story with a local chef, I visited a produce farm, a goat cheese maker, a florist, a ranch, and a winery all within 20 miles of Frederick. Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant Volt will put me (and anybody else who prides themselves on shopping at farmer’s markets and working with local producers) to shame by the time he’s done. The guy’s picking up the area food production scene by its ankles and giving it a few shakes, and the treats he’s nabbing as they fall out are impressive. Plus, he and his business partner Hilda Staples are really cool, really passionate about food, and really articulate. That’s three “really”s in a single sentence, so they must be good!

Then, this morning my parents and I took my son to South Mountain Creamery to check out their annual Cow Caper. My boy, who is 2, got up close and personal with baby chicken and duck chicks, baby and adult bunnies, newborn and adult cows, some very vocal turkeys, and other treats of the farm and table. And then we bought some of their ice cream (Colin is a BIG FAN of the ice cream) and a few dairy treats to bring home. I couldn’t resist digging into the blueberry yogurt this afternoon and it romps and stomps over all the yogurts I mentioned in a recent post.

I think I’ll take it easy tomorrow–nothing more than my usual weekly visit to the Shepherdstown Farmer’s Market.

As time goes by, I miss the culinary resources available closer to DC less. Why miss it when there’s so much great stuff going on right in my backyard?


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