New Year’s Brunch

We’ve invited my brother- and sister-in-law over for brunch tomorrow. I can’t wait. I mean, I always love seeing the fam, but what I really love is preparing brunchy foods. I don’t get a chance to as often as I’d like, because usually we’re all in a hurry in the morning–and besides, the really great brunch foods are too rich and carby to comprise more than an occasional splurge.

Here’s my menu for a New Year’s Day brunch. What foods are you eating to greet the new year?

Sour cherry kir royale

Butter lettuce with toasted pecans, Mt Tam cheese (Cowgirl Creamery, CA), comice pears and 8-year balsamic

Shirred eggs on a bed of mushrooms and spinach, possibly bound with bechamel (haven’t decided yet)

Homemade bacon

Cranberry scones

Biscuits, apple butter, sour cherry jam

Coffee and juice


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