Chicken Pot Pie

Hot damn, that was good.

I thought about making that the entire post. It was so good, there isn’t much more to say really. But that’s kinda pathetic, by the same token, so I’ll write more on the subject.

Pie crust is one of few patisserie skills that make me anxious. I baked two pies for Thanksgiving–my first in many years–and I had to work myself up to it over time and break out the steps into a couple of days to make it seem achievable. I have a serious mental block around the issue–I genuinely believe American pie crust is one of the hardest doughs to master. This from a girl who makes puff pastry, biscuits and pate sablee without blinking. Those I know well. Pie dough, not so much.

After cutting my teeth with the Thanksgiving pies, I felt prepared to make another pie recently with the last of the turkey from the holiday. Actually, I felt confident enough to make the dough just reading the ingredients and making it work. I am starting to believe I have made pie dough my bitch, because the crust for this particular pie was fan-freaking-tastic. Buttery and flaky and tender and all those descriptors food writers apply to this kind of thing. It did not suck.

I made a thick bechamel and sauteed some diced onions, celery and carrots in butter. I mixed that with the turkey, some frozen peas, and some shredded chicken meat leftover from stockmaking. I loaded it into the pie crust, topped it with a second crust, crimped and cut a couple of vents. While it baked, I made a big salad with butter lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette. The result: one of the most comforting dinners I’ve made this year. Damn I’m good.


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